"Ignite Your Spirit by journeying deeper into your self and your connection with nature."


  7 Day Retreats

 With her Oceans of Love Living mentoring program, Victoria takes you on transformational retreats globally. The retreats are designed to be an adventurous ride of a lifetime; to promote awareness and inspire the way you look at the world and it's natural gifts. We reveal the key insights into what your home and work environments truly need to encompass to achieve loving calm and great riches in all areas of your life. 

"Ignite Your Spirit by journeying deeper into your self and your connection with nature."


Identify then create your lifestyle path with support and fail-proof methods. Are you ready to connect with your greater self? 

These are the 7 day retreats on the ocean in places like Fraser Island and Indonesia to inspire you and reconnect you to your soul purpose  through self empowering processes and being immersed in nature. From swimming with whales, dolphins to floating in crystal clear waters, your creative and soul passions are awakened.  Organic food, gentle natural detox sessions, musical or artistic expression inspired . 

 “The ocean's clear blue and the amazing creatures it holds bring love and joy into our lives.”

Drawing inspiration from the ocean, Victoria delivers results in a soulful and fun way. She designs effective lifestyle blueprints using sustainable, passionate and ecological principles to enable you to create the successful and abundant lifestyle you desire. 


Victoria vmwworldwidedesigns@gmail.com

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