Victoria Millar-Wise

Award winning interior designer, inspirational speaker, intuitive healer and author of Create Your Dream Sanctuary (CYDS).

As a best selling published author and a dynamic award winning designer who demonstrates entrepreneurial edge in business, Victoria has an innate sense of how people and their surroundings interact. She will reveal her insights into what your home and work environments truly need to encompass to promote wealth in all areas of your life. Victoria will inspire you to raise your awareness and appreciation of the way we all live and interact with each other, our surroundings and the planet. You will master the skill of embracing your true essence and expressing your 'soul purpose' through the purposeful creation of your surroundings.

My visions of sharing the knowledge learnt over a lifetime with others is fast becoming a reality. These seminars will teach people how they can too achieve brilliance in every aspect of their life by successfully creating their very own dream sanctuary. I am also working closely with world renowned healers and indigenous global tribes to create true dream sanctuary in the new way by being off the grid and self sustaining. This encompasses healing homes, relationships and our beautiful environment. 


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