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8th & 9th March 2017        - Byron Bay       $ 597        early bird $297 BOOK NOW 

 Learn how to decorate & style your home & life with 

organic products & colour                                         


Are you ready to immerse your whole being into a spiritual journey? Why not take charge of your total well being and life path now. Whether you want to get fit, lose weight, de-stress, recharge or simply find your love for life again, let us help.

Our holistic nature inspired IN2Soul Sanctuary Retreats at Pavilion 2 allow you to take time for you and nurture yourself in a loving and serene space. The secluded beachfront property with direct access to legendary Broken Head surf beach extends north to Byron Bay. Nestled into the beachfront rainforest, the pavilion style home is private and secure. Our retreats are exclusive and confidential. Your every need is met as we create your individual journey uniquely tailored for you. The Soul Sanctuary Retreats can cater for up to 12 people. 

We pay the utmost attention to every detail as you surrender all your worries and merge into a holistic way of living amongst the pristine beauty and healing properties of this sacred site. Our retreat is profoundly life enhancing focusing on the areas of your life that you wish to cleanse, clear and re-harmonise ~ mind, body and soul.

Regain harmony in your heart and move gracefully and easily back to serenity within yourself guided by world leading practitioners and facilitators. Combine fresh organic food, beautiful body sculpting, de-tox and massage treatments and deep meditation and you will soon be feeling loved and grounded as you take this precious time for yourself. Packages can also include cooking and art classes together with flow-up support.

At IN2Soul Sanctuary Retreats, our specialised packages and services are comprehensive and ground breaking. We strive to be at the forefront of total wellbeing and holistic health. The safe sanctuary of the contemporary retreat style accommodation, the pristine beach and sacred tea-tree lakes are the ultimate in rejuvenation and healing for you mind, body and souL........       BOOK NOW            Follow us on Facebook 

Our mission is to create dream sanctuary environments with clarity, congruency & commitment......

By taking action you will:   


  • Propel your life forwards with confidence and certainty

  • Break free of the limitations holding you back

  • Enjoy new confidence and skills in interior design and home styling

  • Create your uncluttered lifestyle that uniquely reflects you

  • Turn your visions and dreams into realities now

  • Invite love, laughter and connection into your home, into your life - every single moment

Explore your dreams, take action and fulfill your goals. 

Feel it with your heart then take action.


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