Part 1 - Colour

For a few years now going eco-friendly and green has been one everyones lips as the hottest new trend; however, I consider it to be more a way of life that we all must embrace in sustaining our everyday lives in harmonious balance. It touches every aspect of our lives and how we live, including our interior spaces. Going green even means holding on to your furniture by not replacing it as frequently! Or, being creative with paints and fabrics to change the whole theme of your interior quickly and cost effectively.

So despite what is happening in our economy and the real estate home market, I believe there is a new sense of optimism that is being reflected in our surroundings. In the last few years people were seeking to be calmed and comforted by their sanctuary interior. There does seem to be a new trend emerging and that is one of breaking out to express your own personality in your home. It is about taking a bot more risk in your colour and design choices.

So what is HOT and what is NOT? The new trends are all about “sophistication” “elegance” and “ease”.  Irrespective of a certain style, the “matchy-matchy” perfectionism approach often seen in display homes is out the window. The hot new trend coming through trend is a blending of style types and materials that enhance and reflect your unique personality. The combination of classic and contemporary elements create fresh and interesting decor in your dream sanctuary.

The essence lies in recycling past looks by intermixing pre-loved pieces with new fresh ones, creating a more interesting, eclectic feel. Old is new again by adding a key antique or vintage piece, which can add soul and interest to a space.

2012 is the year to embrace change with exciting new and innovative design  techniques and options. There is a great freedom when you stop following style categories and bring your own sense of style and personality to your living spaces. Below are some of the trends emerging now.



Colour always sets a theme when it comes to trends. It is not uncommon for interior home colours to be one year behind the world of fashion. A new coat of paint can totally transforms and revitalises any room. 

The influence of the “green” movement is reflected in the it being a current trend. Rich and eclectic colour combinations are invigorating and reflective of the earth’s elements and resources; such as shades coming from minerals, plants, dirt, sea, and sky. This includes colours such as plum purple, sky blue, yellow, and leaf green. 

Various shades of purple appear also to be remaining strong this year. Grey has snuck back into our colour palate as the new neutral, replacing beige. Combining grey with warm colours such as magenta, orangey reds, teal, or tangerine can have an arousing effect on any space. Orange is making a comeback and is the perfect colour for accessories, pillows, lamps and accents. Turquoise also is a stunning colour that combines the serene qualities of blue and the invigorating aspects of green. It is a flattering color that can be mixed with any other and creates a sense of well-being.

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