Love…..what is love?

Love is whatever you want it to be

As it comes from within and ebbs out like the sea

So if your love is honest and pure

The energy around you will be magic for sure

For love is exciting forgiving and caring

True love is a gift for very much sharing

Love is the art to be faithful to yourself and others true

It knows so wonderfully an amazing part of you

So in recognition of letting go of control

And begin to follow your true path

Love as one, be “in the moment” and live to laugh

Love ensures survival, when comforts are sparse

It allows giving without taking

Having faith and not wearing a mask

Love is all around… everything we do

So look to nature, family, friendships and the sound of music too

Because love is about seeing past judgement and fear

Love is about listening then speaking

 With much thought and care

Love is about an inner knowing gut feeling

And then at times an unexplainable reeling

But most of all love is following what your heart desires

Love is being around someone who understands what......

Love requires...........

Without question …… without hurdles or haste

Love is an understanding, far too special to waste

So embrace love in every single way

And show it with true meaning

To someone you really

                                                                     VICTORIA MILLAR-WISE