The Secret to Creating Your Dream Home

Is your dwelling your house or your home? The difference may only be in the way you feel about it, but it is an important distinction if you want to live your life in harmony with your surroundings. 

This, in essence, is what creating a dream sanctuary home is all about – providing yourself and your family with a place where you feel safe, at ease and ultimately “at home”. A place where you can nurture and be nurtured, which reflects your personality and your life and where you, your family and your guests are all made to feel comfortable. 


The 4 essential elements to to support you as a human being are  shelter, space, facilities and comfort. But the modern home is so much more,  it is truly a sanctuary where you get to create an environment especially for you; the look, the feel, the smell, the light, the sound and the atmosphere which makes it distinctively yours. A well-designed and built home it is a true work of art, while one that is done poorly well, we’ve all seen those!

“I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself” Maya Angelou 

You will probably live in a number of homes throughout your lifetime. Each will reflect a different stage of your life and no two are ever the same. Your needs change, but so too do your tastes and even your moods. We all like to try different things and live through a variety of experiences. A herb garden could not have been further from my mind in my teens but now I take great pleasure in growing my own herbs and using them to cook beautiful meals. How the times have changed and thank goodness they continue to.


You may know people who have lived in the same home for decades. These rare birds should not be criticised but rather should be studied. Are they perfectly happy to stay in the same home forever, or are they too lazy or too scared to make a move?

Now there’s some food for thought!


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Be mindful of the earth and your environment


To enhance the life and spirit of people globally through timeless, sustainably responsible design using ethical and thoughtful investment processes and dynamic visionary practices.


Based on the 5Cs of design, the Create Your Dream Sanctuary Design and Life Styling Academy aims to teach others how to acquire a property, visualise a space, clarifying their individual goals, needs and desires thereby creating a holistic home that is unique and timeless. To encourage congruency with ourselves and the environment. Create Your Dream Sanctuary Design and Life Styling Academy is all about serenity and simplicity, open minds and spaces, fused together with heart warming and transformational procedures.

“A space cannot be truly beautiful unless it flows and functions in harmony with who we’s about passion with purpose: discovering what nurtures us and creating an environment that will celebrate those qualities and sustain us: it is about creating our own dream sanctuary environment” - Victoria Millar-Wise


Victoria Millar-Wise mdia

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Inspirational Speaker, Author of Create Your Dream Sanctuary

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