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What's Hot in 2012

Posted by Victoria Millar-Wise on Tuesday, January 31, 2012, In : Interior Design 

 Part 1 - Colour

For a few years now going eco-friendly and green has been one everyones lips as the hottest new trend; however, I consider it to be more a way of life that we all must embrace in sustaining our everyday lives in harmonious balance. It touches every aspect of our lives and how we live, including our interior spaces. Going green even means holding on to your furniture by not replacing it as frequently! Or, being creative with paints and fabrics to change the whole theme of your ...

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Secrets To A Boudoir

Posted by Victoria Millar-Wise on Tuesday, September 6, 2011, In : Interior Design 

Secrets To A Boudoir

by Victoria Millar-Wise

I believe that to be true to ‘who’ you really are you must first find the deep expansive love that lives within your own heart. An honest and open love where you can express unbridled passion for yourself, your loved ones and our beautiful planet. 

My own personal journey and beautiful openings are what inspire me to write this article. For I have come to understand that my soul purpose is to live in every moment possible being 100% honest and ...

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Discover the secrets to living your dream today!

Posted by Victoria Millar-Wise on Monday, November 8, 2010,



Award winning interior designer & author Victoria Millar-Wise presents......

  • Create Your Dream Sanctuary - a holistic book on design & life styling
  • Create Your Dream Sanctuary - online product & trade directory
  • Create Your Dream Sanctuary 8 day seminars worldwide
  • Stunning furniture & decor accessories
  • Full Interior Design consulting services
  • Refurbishments for Resort & Hotel developments
  • Colour consultations
  • Decorating services & products

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Victoria Millar-Wise I am an award winning interior designer, author, inspirational speaker, healer and lifestyle design mentor with over 18 years experience. I have received coveted awards throughout my career with many divine homes created regularly feature in prestigious home magazine worldwide. My passion. To create stunning, inspiring and loving homes and retreats worldwide. My purpose. Do you ever wonder? Do you ever ask? What is your soul's purpose in life? Mine is to create dream sanctuary spaces and allow clarity and divinity to reign free -balance the masculine - harmonise the feminine the rest shall align........♥ My vision. To enlighten and allow healing on an ancestral level for myself, you, all creatures great and small and the earth. I have written a published book titled Create Your Dream Sanctuary which is a holistic design guide that inspires wealth, energy, love and success. I love inspiring people through speaking and seminars. The Create Your Dream Sanctuary Design and Life Styling Academy has gone from conception to ensure you stay connected with us on Facebook for updates. The purpose of the CYDS Design and Life Style Academy is to inspire others worldwide to design divine environments that create sanctuary in all areas of your life. Be sure to stay tuned to receive the latest updates: Victoria Millar-Wise mdia Director + Award Winning Interior Designer VMW Worldwide Designs Author + Public Speaker + Seminar Presenter Create Your Dream Sanctuary Mobile: +61 (0) 419 831 518 Skype : victoriamillarwise PO Box 9519 Pacific Paradise QLD 4564 www.MansInteriorMotives twitter VMWworldwide linkedin
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