Focus on strengthening the friendships between your kids.

Have a daily ritual at dinner time of go around the table and saying one positive thing about each family member - something you have noticed about him or her that shines out, maybe a strength or a gift. By acknowledging them and thanking them with love and gratitude is to take the time to intentionally raise one another up in love.

You can also teach your kids to acknowledge their love for one another by sending them a beautiful thought of love and protection every night before they go to bed. Maybe highlight what has been a challenge for the other sibling and suggest a kind action from that the other can do to help their sibling overcome that challenge. This brings love and awareness  for the other person and an appreciation of the siblings differences.

Look for opportunities, unique moments in which your children can lend a hand to each other. If you become aware  that one of your kids is struggling to do something or is calling for help, suggest that it would be very kind and special if the other sibling lend a hand. Afterwards quietly affirm what a sweet sister or brother they are.

You can also encourage loving relationships between your kids by getting them to visualise their focus on the long-term. Tell stories to your children about one of the best friends you had as a child by describing all the fun things you ever did together. Then say how long it's been since you've seen or talked to that friend. Point out to your kids that friends are great, but family is forever. ‘While it is heart warming to invest your energy watering and tending a flower that is beautiful, it can last only a season? By spending thoughtful and well intentioned quality time cultivating a tree that will grows throughout your entire life, you experience joy during your childhood and shade in your old age?

 Consistently cleanse, clear and colour your home sanctuary.

Just as your physical surroundings impact your kids behaviour immensely, so do negative and unhealthy vibrations. That is why it is vitally important to look at the following areas in your home.

Step One: Remove the clutter from all areas of your home, especially kids bedrooms. This is where naughty elementals can gather and create havoc in your kids clarity of thought. It is the clutter causes overwhelmed and can lead to unpleasant behaviour or actions towards their siblings. By teaching your children the value of letting go as they grow of past material attachments you are allowing them greater freedom as adults.

Step Two: Protect your home by having visualising a beautiful white light of love surrounding your whole home. Once you feel confident that you have mastered the art, teach your kids to do this for their own bedrooms and their most precious belongings at that time. This simple tool helps to explain to siblings the values of ownership and respect of each others property. Sharing can be encouraged if both siblings know that the other one will not damage their treasure. The protective light of love also keeps negative thoughts and actions of others out of your psyche and home sanctuary environment. 

Step Three: Be mindful of the colour and layout of your kids bedrooms. We are all affected by colour and it plays a major role in how we react or behave. What a lot of people do not understand is that a young child from 0 - 7 years of age will see a colour as BLACK if it has even the slightest tint of black in it. So while you may see it as say blue, it can be incredibly scary for young kids to be in that room. 

The best investment you can ever make is to either learn about colour or have a professional colour designer visit you home. They will take your kids individually into their bedrooms and guide them in the choice that supports and nurtures their personality. That also is a key element to alleviate sibling rivalry. The same principles apply to the layout and design of a room, as the wrong choice of materials or the way a bed faces all affect kid’s behaviour.

Step Four: Incorporate activities amongst nature and encourage art or musical in and around your home. Spend time with each of your children individually to find out what their true talents and gifts are. Encourage each of them to acknowledge one another and be proud of their abilities. Explain to siblings that they have their own unique gift and reassure them that a) they are blessed to know someone with a gift they do not have b) the value of appreciating being a spectator and receiving that gift from their sibling. Read them stories about people from all walks of life so they can see that achievement happens to others in all sorts of shapes and forms. Remember it is not always the hare who wins. 

Get your kids out as often as you can into a natural environment and set fun yet challenging tasks that encourage your kids to help each other become a master at the task. Like flying a kite, climbing an obstacle course, swimming down a river or learning to surf. 

Having something living in your kids life to look after, be it a creature great or small , a fish and animal or a plant. Mastering the concept of taking care of another living thing also leads to understanding and respect in your home for siblings.

Teach your kids to be excited and supportive of each others achievements. Have a wall in your home that is dedicated to displaying your kids certificates, artwork, poems and even their favourite photos.

Step Five: Make time for quietness. Always encourage and believe in the value of reading at night. It is an incredibly important ritual in your kids growth and acceptance of themselves and their siblings. Ensure you have the soft lighting like lamps and have no background noise like TV’s blaring.

Overcoming Sibling Rivalry To Create

Love, Laughter & Connection In Your Home

‘While it is heart warming to invest your energy watering and tending a flower that is beautiful, it can often last only a season? By spending thoughtful and well intentioned quality time cultivating a tree that grows throughout your entire life, you experience joy during your childhood and shade in your old age? This can be said of siblings who are guided and encouraged by the art of respectful nurturing!

by Victoria Millar-Wise MDIA

Focus on strengthening the friendships between your kids.

- At dinner time turn off the TV, put on some quiet background music, light candles and before your meal, have each person say one positive thing about the other family members. This works wonders!

- Each night at bedtime have your kids send a beautiful thought to their sibling.

- Have a beautiful lamp or nightlight beside their beds and have them read stories that relate to your kids or their siblings personalities so they can understand that as are all uniquely individual. 

- Look for unique opportunities where they can help each other by lending a hand. Then praise the sibling for their kindness ad help to their brother or sister in a quiet moment.

- Get your kids to visualise their future and the blessed value of their sibling by telling them stories about friends you have had over the years who you no longer know. Show them examples that highlight ‘family is forever’.

- Remove clutter from their bedrooms and teach them the value of letting go of material items that no longer serve them.

- Teach them how to put a protective white light around their space plus personal treasures and also have faith that if they respect their siblings things the same will be applied to theirs.

- Learn about colour and how it affects children's behaviour or have an expert colour/interior designer visit and spend time with each child in the colour and design layout of their bedroom.

- Invest in some living creatures great or small i.e pets, fish or plants that teaches your kids how to be kind and caring to learn the values nurturing to create happiness and harmony, laughter and fun.

- Expose your kids to nature, music and art. Set them quiet goals and challenges that they can support each other in without competing. Have an achievement wall that celebrates and displays their certificates, favourite photos, artwork or stories.

Always set the best example you can by truly loving from your heart & having beautiful relationships with others in your life, as your children mirror from your thoughts and actions.

Love, laughter & light in your dream sanctuary