9 QUESTIONS to ask yourself before you build or renovate a home

September 21, 2010

I now want you to ask yourself these important questions and answer them honestly!

  • What will you save by doing the job yourself rather than paying a qualified trade or professional? What is your time worth to you? 
  • Will undertaking this project allow you to keep receiving your usual weekly income? 
  • Will you save bucket-loads of money by managing the project yourself? 
  • Do you have lots of time to source quotes and answer trades’ ongoing queries daily? 
  • Do you have the technical knowledge and understanding of the building industry? 
  • Do you have access to reliable trades and suppliers? 
  • Are you an honest and fair negotiator? 
  • Are you able to inspect the work and pay the trades on time once the job is completed? 
  • Are you passionate and strong in your goals with plenty of ‘get up and go’? 
Rate your answers on a scale of 1 - 10. If you rate over 8 on all of these questions, then YES, you are ready to undertake the job alone. If you rate under 8 then, PLEASE learn more or ask for professional help.

7 day Bali design and Lifestyle Academy - Oct 11th - 18th

September 19, 2010

When you go through the process of designing and creating your dream sanctuary, you stimulate and exercise your 5 senses to a higher level of awareness. This system reveals a greater understanding of your individual uniqueness so you can be true to who you are and naturally walk your walk and talk your talk. Once you embrace the art of valuing yourself, give yourself permission to shine, you protect yourself by instinctively attracting and consciously surrounding yourself with people plus pla...

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Create Your Dream Sanctuary Academy

September 13, 2010

Discover the secrets to design a divine home, save $$$ and love living a rich stylish life everyday. 7 day sanctuary in Bali 11-18 Oct www.createyourdreamsanctuary.com

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New Blog coming soon

September 10, 2010

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Victoria Millar-Wise I am an award winning interior designer, author, inspirational speaker, healer and lifestyle design mentor with over 18 years experience. I have received coveted awards throughout my career with many divine homes created regularly feature in prestigious home magazine worldwide. My passion. To create stunning, inspiring and loving homes and retreats worldwide. My purpose. Do you ever wonder? Do you ever ask? What is your soul's purpose in life? Mine is to create dream sanctuary spaces and allow clarity and divinity to reign free -balance the masculine - harmonise the feminine the rest shall align........♥ My vision. To enlighten and allow healing on an ancestral level for myself, you, all creatures great and small and the earth. I have written a published book titled Create Your Dream Sanctuary which is a holistic design guide that inspires wealth, energy, love and success. I love inspiring people through speaking and seminars. The Create Your Dream Sanctuary Design and Life Styling Academy has gone from conception to reality....so ensure you stay connected with us on Facebook for updates. The purpose of the CYDS Design and Life Style Academy is to inspire others worldwide to design divine environments that create sanctuary in all areas of your life. Be sure to stay tuned to receive the latest updates: Victoria Millar-Wise mdia Director + Award Winning Interior Designer VMW Worldwide Designs Author + Public Speaker + Seminar Presenter Create Your Dream Sanctuary Mobile: +61 (0) 419 831 518 Skype : victoriamillarwise PO Box 9519 Pacific Paradise QLD 4564 www.CreateYourDreamSanctuary.com www.facebook.com/CreateYourDreamSanctuary www.MansInteriorMotives twitter VMWworldwide linkedin http://au.linkedin.com/in/victoriamillarwise
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