17 Top Tips For A Harmonious and Styled Home


 So here are some tips to help you create sanctuary in your home....have fun!

De-clutter your home regularly

Start with one room at at time If it has not been used for a year give it away, sell it, throw it away or if it is valuable and usable in the next 2 yrs,store it.

Regularly clean the interior and paint scuff marks or damaAlways use a quality interior paint product that has washable qualities yet is low in toxins. Good quality paints allow you to repair walls as colour variance does not occur. This is due to the quality of the titanium base.

Display fresh flowers and burn candles or scented lamps.

These gorgeous additions stimulate your sight and smell senses so you may feel beautiful and bliss.

Buy beautiful linen and then change looks by accessorising with cushions and throw rugs

Linen makes all the difference. Either buy it on special or lay-by exquisite bed linens in neutrals to give your bedrooms elegance and sanctuary. Colour is always fun in kids rooms, but remember to keep the colours consistent and balanced.

 Place matching bedside lamps and tables in bedrooms

This is such an important rule. Be brave and mix and match bases and shades to get your unique look. You can even cover shades with fabric or braided tassels if you love being creative.


 Put bathroom bits and pieces in a drawer or attractive storage units

When you are organised in your bathroom, you feel very serene indeed. Look for stylish yet simple storage boxes, wall unit, hooks or bathroom accessories that are the same style as your taps and towel rails.

 Coordinate towels, vases and accessories in your bathrooms

Inject some colour to either create tranquility or vibrance for kids bathrooms. Keep the main theme neutral then add colours that link back to a tile or the natural environment where you live. Charcoal, mocha, aubergene, aqua, lime, orange......go for it!

Dress the home tastefully using colour and accessories

Colour, texture and form of an object brings different looks and feels in a room. As above, keep the main theme neutral then add colours that link back to artwork or the natural environment where you live. Use bling accessories, stainless steel or timber, faux furs, cushions for different textured looks and feels.


Mow your lawn or landscape to attract the eye to the front door

Such a simple yet vital element. Remember first impressions stick.Trim trees and plants or replant succulents to create lushness

 Have ambient music playing around you

How soothing and divine to allow your auditory senses to be stimulated and your mood moved through music. Especially around a meal times sharing a candlelit table with your loved ones.

• Use chemical free products that are derived from nature

Here are some great ideas and recipes for you to have fun with your cleaning.

• Have a focal point in each room that enhances an outlook or feature

Place furniture so the eye is drawn to the feature like a fireplace, sculpture, water fountain, artwork, outside vista or other

• Use mood lighting to create a harmonious home

Free standing or table lamps are fabulous for this. Install a feature chandelier or contemporary light fitting. Always install dimmers where ever you can.



• Throw open windows, doors, curtains or blinds

Let there be light it uplifts your spirit, stops you straining your eyes and keeps your power bills down. Natural ventilation is a refreshing and clears out any stale smells. It also very beneficial for our health plus is free.

• Quality furniture is more desirable than quantity

Select your furniture based around a theme or scheme. Buy items when they are on sale, lay-by them or use a experienced interior designer who will often get quality pieces for you at less than retail prices.

• Make cooking a joy through organised storage and purposeful design

If you organise all you kitchen utensils and associated foods in targeted areas, it is much easier to be efficient i.e. Zone 1 - kettle then in cupboards/ drawers within reach by tea, coffee, sugar, cups. Zone 2 - cooktop then in cupboards/drawers within reach cooking spoons and spatulas, olive oils, herbs and spices, paper towels, pots and pans and so on and so forth.

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