Awakening your 5 senses so you can see through clutter

On a scale of 1 to 5 which of your senses are more predominant?


Taste ____        Sight  ____        Touch ____      Sound ____      Smell ____

As a design professional, I have developed a strong intuition as to what my clients are seeking based on their personality, lifestyle and environment. When you are guided through a process that allows you to recognise which elements nourish you mentally, physically and spiritually it becomes much easier to create a home or studio that truly reflects you. It becomes easier to let go of what is no longer serving you when your senses are stimulated at a highly attuned level.

So I urge you to grab a pen and journal; Now go to a place in nature and close your eyes and start absorbing what is around you, awakening you. Or visualise a place that resonates with your spirit and ask these questions. When you open your eyes I want you to answer these questions straight away without over must be the first thought that enters  your mind

What is it about this place that makes it your favourite place of sanctuary in nature? 

Is it the colours of the trees? Sounds of running water? Smell of scented flowers? Feel of the earth? Taste of the fruit you picked there? Out of 5 what made you feel alive and inspired? What allowed you to feel that sense of true peace and ONE-ness within your being?

Now write the answers in your journal and lock those observations and feelings by recognising what stimulus has ignited feelings, reactions and thoughts within you!

“Believe it or not, you know intuitively what you want and what nourishes you. Often, we simply get clouded because we are in an environment that does not nourish our soul; This happens when our senses are not being stimulated enough by Mother Nature. So make sure you get out into nature as often as you can and make notes of which senses are stimulated by the natural elements around you.” 


Stimulate your senses - Remove the manufactured items and replace with natural materials

Bringing the natural world into our homes can be done in many ways. Consider, for instance, the following design ideas:

Let natural light in: As we’ve already noted, natural sunlight helps to boost mood and productivity and promote good sleep, so be sure to design your Dream Sanctuary with ample windows to provide abundant natural light. In situations where restrictions prevent you from placing windows where they would be most advantageous, such as in cities where neighbours would be in your line of sight, find creative solutions by using frosted glasses and louvered screens to add architectural charm while still providing natural light.

Embrace breathtaking vistas: When you can see nature, it is that much easier to remember that you’re a part of it, but so often people fail to take advantage of the stunning views at their disposal due to poor design and building guidance. So be sure to discuss orientation and glazing with your home designer to visually bring in as much of Mother Nature as you can.

Use natural materials: Having things like wood and stone under your feet, breathable clay wall coverings, glass tiles that reflect the lights, and warm cotton textiles in your furniture will help to ground you in your own Dream Sanctuary. Rather than choosing synthetics (which are often made of toxic materials and are usually non-recyclable and/or biodegradable), go for natural fixtures, fibres and surfacing materials.

Bring in the colour: Nature is bursting with colour – from fiery fall foliage and breathtaking slate mountains to crystal blue waters and soft green grasses. When you add colour to indoor space, you mimic what’s going on outside and add energy and the natural power of the planet’s own design techniques.

Celebrate the seasons: As we transition from one season to the next, you may want to find ways to bring them into your home. For instance, during summer months, fill bowls with fruit and vases with flowers. When autumn arrives, bring in dried leaves and winter squashes to decorate your hearth and table. Winter brings coolness and calm so why not light the fire and snuggle up with a good book. In the spring, well, fill your home with growing plants and throw open the windows!

The more of nature you incorporate into your aesthetic design scheme, the more at home and centered you’re going to feel - we are after all creatures of the earth! And remember, nature has many, many faces. She can be severe (think rock faces and rumbling seas) or she can be serene (imagine babbling brooks and fields of grain). You can find a Mother Nature-inspired design theme that suits your personality. So be brave and experiment with different textures, finishes, and colours to find ones that work best for you!