I arrived in Australia as an 18 year old and all I had was $90. By 20yrs of age I had my own franchise business in Margaret River, by 30 yrs of age I had built a stunning dream home on a prime block of land in Yallingyup, by 40yrs of age I owned 2 investment properties and a beautiful home on the hill near the ocean in Perth and had a successful interior design business with 4 staff. 

I was always told I would fail by those I thought loved me and to give it up and go and get a real job - so against great adversity I gave up the negative influences in my life that saw my dreams and material acquisitions pulled from under me and stepped out into the world of 'true. supportive & inspirational' mentors and friends.

Through adversity, it is the mentors and like-minded people who guide & mentor from their hearts. It is those who show each other the way & share wisdom. 

You too can achieve everything you deserve in your life - join the Create Your Dream Sanctuary Design & Life Styling Academy in 2011 at either one of our talks, seminars, mentoring courses or come away for an exotic overseas 7 day immersion where you will expand and transform you heart, mind, body & soul. 

 Add it to your goal list for a phenomenal 2011. You are a truly gorgeous person and YOU deserve it.

Love, laughter and Light in 2011, Victoria