Woke up this morning with black & white soot from a local bushfire covering the house and car!

Yesterday afternoon the humidity hit an all time high, the sky went dull grey and an angry looking cloud appeared in the shape of a beast with fangs...followed by big massive black clouds. 


As a friend and I  swan in the ocean thunder and lightening started. Later the restless dogs pleaded with their big brown eyes to come inside for shelter. 

I said a blessing that we were in a safe sanctuary and stayed very still and in reverence for the gifts of shelter. A friends showed up and told us she could nit get home because a bolt of lightening had started a massive fire. So I made her up a comfortable bed and once again blessed and honoured all those who were out there amidst the roaring flames. This is close to my heart as my brother  is a fireman and has a beautiful family who adore him. He puts himself in the frontline out of service to his calling. Often fires are started through carelessness or at times those who are not of the right mind.

 It is always an interesting question though when a fire starts through natural forces. We can all assist in working in synch with the mother nature when we design and build homes to alleviate the risk of loss of life or home in the event of major bushfire. 

In the book Create Your Dream Sanctuary there is a section on how you can design and build in harmony with the land. My brother helped me write the section on fire. 

By being aware and taking care lives and stress will not exist and we can thus honour the natural environments cycle of seasons and cleansing purges with understanding and respect. 

Here are some very helpful links.

If you're thinking of designing & building or renovating in bushfire
prone areas always seek the help of  an in  tune interior designer,architect & builder. It could  save your life and that of others also. You will also learn much about the precious earth on which you are living by listening to what it needs and honouring it's natural cycles. 

bushfire proof homes images

Thankfully no-one was injured and for any animals and trees that were consumed by the fire ~R.I.P. <3


Victoria Millar-Wise