Are you disorganised and slow to produce? Is you head feeling fuzzy? Do you have distracting internal chatter going on? Are your energy levels low and sluggish? How do you STOP these symptoms and more?

Well, here is how. Before you start you will need the following

  • A few uninterrupted hours
  • Inspiring background music 
  • 4 stackable filing trays
  • Labeler, Coloured Highlighters, Pen, Notebook (for ideas) Diary (to do)
  • Desk, chair, computer, printer, filing cabinet or shelves
  • Coloured Coded Folders (one colour personal, one colour business)
  • Shredder, Rubbish Bin & Recycling Bin
  • Cardboard Box for Op Shop Items 
  • Vacuum Cleaner, Pan and Brush, Cleaning Cloth
  • Paint brush, non toxic paint (if you own your home or have a great landlord) 

Go to a place in nature and exercise or meditate. Once your head is clear walk back into the room and notice the first thing that ‘hits you’ about the feel and look of the room. Write down what it is about the room that irritates you and that becomes your check list of priorities as to what to change. If it is the colours and you can give the walls a lick of paint great. Your office should always be well light and have plenty of ventilation.

Now clear everything of the top of your desk and from your shelves. You leave organising your drawers until last. Okay, you are ready to start.

  • Layout of the room

Make sure your desk is out of a traffic thoroughfare and if possible do not have your back to an open door. Keep furniture pieces in the same colour tones and styles.

  • Replace ONLY the items you need first

Return all of the essential items to your desktop first. i.e computer, keyboard, mouse, pen and stationary holders, telephone and files used on a daily basis. 

  • Replace the essential element to filing second

Place your 4 stack filing tray to the RHS of your computer and label each tray individually as every time your mail/faxes/paperwork to action comes onto your desk, this is where they go. 

  • TO DO NOW things that can be done quickly in 5 - 10 mins that create productivity/income
  • TO DO DAY things that can are added to your daily ‘to do’ list that create productivity/income
  • TO DO WEEK things that can be done in the week that create connection/marketing/income
  • TO DO MONTH things that are either actioned, placed in an upper tray, filed or thrown in the bin

  • Return these items next

Now put back in places that are within easy reach your printer, scanner and rubbish bin.  Go through your files and place them into the colour coded clearly labeled ring binder files that are stored neatly on shelves in alphabetical order (all labels should be same font and direction). Any folders no longer being used for working should be archived within 7 days.

  • Bring in the heart

Hang your pictures, art artwork and/or certificates in key places ensuring they are in the same style and/or the same colour frames. Place them in a balanced format without overpowering a room. Same goes with photos of loved ones on your desk, keep all of the frames in the same style, simply use different size frames. You will find that flowers or a plant are fabulous as a finishing touch and remind you to breathe in nature again. 

  • Keeping your desk tidy

Clear your desk at the end of each working day. This gives you visual clarity and provides a ‘clean uncluttered’ space both visually and mentally when you sit down to work next.

An important point to remember is that there is a balance between creative mess inspiring productivity that occurs during your day and outright untidiness through laziness.

  • Organising your creative space

Your creative space needs to be well-lit with task lighting like a lamp so you are comfortable and can see without straining your eyes. Equally important is natural light, fresh air and soft background music to give you a sense of wellbeing and comfort.These ergonomic tips will increase your productivity, maintain your health and ensure you are comfortable. This relieves mental clutter.

  • Comfort and ergonomic elements

Directly in front of you as you work should be your computer. Your elbows ideally need to be at right angles and your computer screen an arm’s length away. Ensure your mouse and keyboard are on the same horizontal surface.

Position your computer screen so it that avoids glare which is a the main cause for headaches and eye strain. Invest in the best chair you can afford. It must have lumbar support for your lower back.

  • Your health and wellbeing

Take frequent breaks and remember during your day to gently stretch your neck, lightly stretch and take a stroll outside. Drink plenty of water and remember to breathe.

  • Clarity of mind

This is probably one of the MOST important tips. Keep a diary and a journal. Have you ‘to do list’ daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. Ensure your lists are congruent with your visions, goals and future planning check sheets. 

Consistently update your procedure manuals and your business plan as you go. If you are struggling with systems then take action and get either a business coach, mentor or assistant.

‘If you are passionate about what you do, if you have purpose and congruency in your daily life, you will find the clutter will disappear and your creative space will be a place you ‘LOVE’ to be in at all times.”